Psychometric testing

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CheckWare is specifically designed for clinics who use psychometric tests and who want to offer digital self-reporting and self-management for their patients

Assessment list

Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment


CheckWare got the Norwegian rights to ASEBA in 2015. After a comprehensive implementation we are now proud to offer ASEBA forms along with over 700 other standardised instruments for digital self-reporting in CheckWare.


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Customer Quote:

"I believe it will make things easier for the patients in terms of filling in questionnaires, make the services more efficient and hopefully increase our response rate, particularly of our more mobile younger patient group. This can only lead to more robust evaluation of our interventions, ultimately leading to improvements in patient care.”


Head of Service at a UK Eating Disorder Service

The Strenghts and Difficulties Questionnaire


The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) is one of the most widely used measures of its kind in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and has been translated into almost a hundred languages.


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Usage areas


CheckWare is specially designed for clinics who want to offer digital self-reporting and self-management for their patients.

CheckWare is a secure eHealth solution that automates the collection, scoring and reporting of tests, and enables internet-based clinician-assisted treatment. This gives a high degree of patient involvement, and increases the treatment quality and frees resources.

CheckWare offers a complete online assessment solution for clinical use that replaces manual, paper-based procedures. It provides access to all the tests and forms you might need, and has modules for self-management and integration with health-apps.

CheckWare is adjustable to any clinical care pathway, can be integrated with electronic patient journals, and can document the entire clinic's treatment efficiency.


CheckWare is ideal for research projects that want to collect research data via digital self-reporting. Both psychometric tests and study specific forms can be used.

CheckWare is an internet based, secure solution made to collect, process and save sensitive information.

The solution can be adapted to any study design, and respondents can automatically receive relevant forms via internet.

CheckWare is multilingual and adapted to international multi-center studies where research performed on several clinics.

CheckWare makes it easy to combine research with clinical work. Research data are transferred to analytical tools, while clinical reports are immediately available for the clinician.


CheckWare Quality Portal is used to present Dashboards with aggregated deidentified quality data collected through CheckWare. The module can also retrieve data from other sources if required.

Use of dashboards gives a quick overview of quality indicators in patient follow-up and research projects. Data are continuously transferred and updated and the clinic can easily visualise collected data to show efficiency and quality.

Treatment effect can be measured on different levels, per professional area, department, research project and for the entire clinic.

The solutions supports presenting statistics from different data sources in addition to CheckWare, making it a complete Business Intelligence solution.

CheckWare complies with the requirement set by National Health Services (NHS) to services connected to N3 in the UK.

Professional content


CheckWare has distribution rights for more than 800 psychometric tests, interview forms and screening tools.

We have strong relationships with the right holders and offer authorized, quality assured versions of the instruments. CheckWare therefore conducts a comprehensive process in order to obtain formal rights and to manage all the electronic instruments used in the solution.

We give continuously access to new tests, and our ambition is to offer all needed tests and instruments.

In the same manner that CheckWare wants to offer standardised psychometric tests and forms, we will also enter into distribution agreements for health apps to give access to clinically useful apps.

Other health-apps that the clinic wants to retrieve data from can be integrated with CheckWare if the app is developed for such an integration. In this way sensitive health information can be transferred from any health app via CheckWare and into the patient's journal in a secure manner.


CheckWare enables digital self-reporting and self-management independent of where patient and clinician are situated.

Web based treatment programs established via CheckWare are meant for patients with chronic diseases, life style diseases, mental health problems, or patients with training or rehabilitation needs.

To help these patients there is often a need to obtain life style changes by being conscious of own behaviour, improvement through goals and activities and/or getting help to master the disease through information.

To cover this need, CheckWare offers modules for documenting status and goals, advice and actions for self-management, exercises to be performed, diary, etc.



Better data quality

Reduced error sources with digital registration and automatic follow-up of respondents.


More efficient

Three times as many patients can be treated within the same time span and with the same quality


Reduced costs

64% less time is spent on administrative work with data collection from patients


Better life quality for patients

Cooperation with clinicans and participation in your own treatment gives less health problems and faster rehabilitation


Happier patients

Increased patient participation and knowledge about own treatment gives increased security and makes the patient feel taken more seriously

Important functionality

Digital self-reporting
Clinical reports
Assessment plans