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All courses will be held in Trondheim unless otherwise indicated.
The courses last from 0900-1530 unless otherwise noted.

Registration deadline 10 days before the stated course date.
Classes cancelled after the deadline has expired will be charged in full.

We reserve the right to cancel courses with too low enrolment. Notice of cancellation will then be sent no later than 1 working day after the deadline has expired. 


23.January: Super user
24.January: Data export
25.January: Assessment plans
26.January: Assessment plans - scenarios
6.March: Super user
7.March: Treatments
8.March: Self-Management

13.-14.March: Studio - Forms
15.March: Studio - Reports
24.April: Super user
25.April: Data export
26.April: Assessment plans
27.April: Assessment plans - scenarios
12.June: Super user 

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