09 May 2016

ASEBA finally available in CheckWare

Many Child-Youth-Psychiatric health organisations in Health authorities have requested ASEBA in CheckWare, and now one of the most widely used standardised instruments for identifying mental Health of children and youth is finally available!

CheckWare got the Norwegian rights to ASEBA in 2015. After a comprehensive implementation we are now proud to offer ASEBA forms along with over 700 other standardised instruments for digital self-reporting in CheckWare.

ASEBA in CheckWare is already in use at a health organisation. CheckWare is developed specifically for health organisations and research projects that use psychometric tests and measuring instruments. The solution is web-based and automates the collection, scoring and reporting of test results. This simplifies the collection and monitoring of information for use in clinical care, research and quality work. CheckWare is reliable, scalable and proven, and is already used in 200 health organisations.

Please contact us at bup@checkware.com for more information.

Click here for more information about CheckWare for mental Health.


ASEBA (Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment) is a comprehensive research-based survey instrument used in a comprehensive assessment of psychopathology in children and adolescents. ASEBA is built on empirically based scales that cover most of the relevant areas of expertise and psychological problems in children and adolescents.

ASEBA consists of various forms that are adapted to different respondent groups. There are consequently forms for children of different ages, parents and teachers. This allows the clinician to get a nuanced picture of competence and problem areas in the individual child or young person. There are also ASEBA forms for adults.

More information about ASEBA is found on the website: http://www.aseba.org/