09 May 2016

Greater patient involvement and increased treatment capacity

CheckWare offers its customers to use digital self-management in addition to digital self-reporting. The health sector can then easily develop new digital health services that lets the patients participate and partly control the treatment within proper professional framework. This means that many more can be treated without simultaneously increasing the number of clinicians.

Previously CheckWare has offered digital self-reporting. Digital self-management is a continuation of this in which patients participate more actively in their own treatment and follow-up.

Digital self-management is especially relevant where the patient can contribute to the improvement or management of their own health. This applies to mental health and substance abuse treatment, rehabilitation after for example stroke, congenital problems or cancer, after hip surgery or lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Patients can set goals they want to achieve and tasks they will carry out, write diary for themselves, and even to report continuously to clinicians. Doctors can embed videos with exercises that patients should carry out, they can provide disease-specific information and they can communicate securely with patients along the way. Using CheckWare this entire process can be automated and replacing the traditional manual monitoring that is done through doctor visits and telephone.

This form of treatment is about to revolutionize how patient care takes place and is a prerequisite for achieving the government's goal of patient health.