07 September 2016

Interregional project on welfare technology

CheckWare participates in VälTel, an interreg project to solve the health and welfare challenges in the Nordic countries through welfare technology and service development.

Interreg is EU's programme for promoting social and financial integration across borders through regional cooperation.

The VälTel project aims at creating arenas for sharing knowledge and experience to solve health and care challenges in the Middle Norden. This will strengthen the region's capacity in research, technical development and public information.

CheckWare is proudly participating in this project which counts no less than 38 companies and municipalities and consists of both technology developers, vendors and public health care providers. Together we will develop, quality assure and test welfare technological solutions and infrastructure based on different user groups' needs.

An important point of the project is to develop a Nordic reference structure, so that a solution which is designed and works in one of the countries should also work in the other country.

Read more on the project website (Norwegian site).