03 July 2017

Summer Greetings 2017

Patient involvement is increasing in healthcare. Up to now, over 100,000 patients have taken part in their own treatment, digitally,  through CheckWare and the results are documented: It clearly pays to offer digital self-reporting and online treatment programs to patients. 

"Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a prerequisite for success in creating patient health services. Digital services provide new opportunities for involving patients, users and residents. Modern ICT solutions will provide health care professionals with access to necessary patient information and updated knowledge and decision support."

We have all heard and read these phrases far too many times in the recent years.

In CheckWare we see that this is now beginning to take effect.

Over 100,000 patients have used CheckWare. There are many indications that 2017 will be a year in which a record number will replace traditional pen-and-paper methods by allowing patients to self-report digitally.

There are plenty of online self-management tools, with or without clinician guidance, which, to date, have provided the largest gains in digital patient participation. However, by using CheckWare, our customers are treating 3-5 times as many patients with the same resources and quality. As a software provider, we enable our customers to supplement and replace some of today’s treatment with individually-adapted digital treatment programs. This is also very suitable for long-distance follow-up of patients with chronic diseases.

Digitisation is at full speed and it's great to see that our solutions are proving to be valuable, reliable and effective!

I wish you a great summer!

Heidi Blengsli Aabel, CEO