One published clinical study from 2015 where CheckWare was used on mobile tablet devices over one year, concluded that the introduction of tablet-compatible assessment software for home-based memory clinics significantly increased the efficiency of the process and facilitated more rapid turnover of new patient referrals.

The development of our rehabilitation services depends on our knowledge on which treatments work. We also need to know the short- and long-term effects of our treatments. 
Sverre Sittlinger
Quality Manager LHL clinics Røros
Clients fill out forms on the computer at home before arriving at the four-week rehabilitation program. The clinic can start treatment planning and prepare for the clients' stay.
Liv Sigrun Nykos Midttun
IKT consultant at the Occupational Rehabilitation Centre in Rauland
The advantage of using CheckWare for assessment is that the therapist can retrieve the results immediately and use them in therapy. When comparing results with the previous month, the patient will see in graphs that there has been a positive change.
Gunnar Paulson
Quality Manager Modum Bad
Patient care has become faster and more engaging. If patients choose to do the test at the clinic we can be discussing their scores within 15 minutes. We know when therapies are working faster and we’re able to re-assess or change treatment plans quicker when they’re not. All of this means more ­effective care.
Sigrid Bjørnelv
Dr., Phd
Our academic community has selected a set of assessments to be used in CheckWare. This gives a common base of assessments, an easier management of ICT support and an important step in digitalising these services.
Erik M.Hansen
CEO at Health West IKT

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