Partner agreements strengthen our product

CheckWare is a partner with Norsk Helsenett, owned by the Ministry of Health and Care Services in Norway.

The partnership with DIFI enables login via ID-Porten in Norway.

CheckWare has developed integrations between systems in cooperation with several journal suppliers.

 delivers an electronic patient record system and patient administration used in most health trusts in Norway.

HK Data
 develops and delivers a professional system for childhood and welfare services in the health sector in Norway.

 is an electronic patient record and management system adapted to a wide range of businesses, from specialist health services to low threshold services.

 is a supplier of patient record and management system software for health trusts in Norway.

 offers CheckWare a fully integrated module in PsykBase, used by psychiatrists in private practice and psychologists.

Right holders worldwide have made their assessments available via CheckWare, so that we now have over 1000 clinical assessments.

eMeistring (digital self-management) consists of standardised treatment programs with connected diagnosis-adapted content and workflows. In agreement with Health Bergen who owns eMeistring, the programme can be reused by other health institutions.

CheckWare is in close cooperation with several suppliers of health apps that can be integrated with our solution.
CheckWare is an Approved Software System Provider of Outcomes Star.