CheckWare on Demand

For independent clinicians

CheckWare On Demand

CheckWare on Demand is offered to independent clinicians in the private health sector that want to use digital versions of clinical assessments and other outcome measures.

By using CheckWare on Demand, you save time on manual assessment work and scoring. It is easier to see the current status and follow patient progress over time, as well as empower the patient through participation in the treatment.

CheckWare has agreements with right holders, so you can be certain that we offer authorised, quality-assured versions of the assessments.

CheckWare on Demand is a secure and easy online service that provides the following:
  • digital issuance of assessments to your respondents
  • automatic SMS notifications with login information to respondents when assessments are issued
  • respondents can answer from home or at the clinic via mobile, tablet or PC
  • immediate access to score reports when the respondent has completed an assessment

Prices and invoicing

  • Annual license fee: £34.00 – excl. VAT per month
  • Per issued assessment: £4.00 – excl. VAT 
  • Price per sent sms: £0.08 – excl. VAT 
  • Support: £50.00 – excl. VAT per ½ hour

Any royalties paid to right holders for clinical use comes in addition.


How to order
  1. Read the conditions: General Terms and Conditions - CheckWare On Demand
  2. Enter required information in the form below
  3. Select Send

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