CheckWare for CYPMH

CheckWare for Children and Young People's Mental Health

Children and Young People's Mental Health

CheckWare is designed specifically for mental health care organisations and professionals who use clinical assessments. The online solution is available on any digital device and automates the collection, scoring, comparison and reporting of assessments. It documents treatment outcome and can be integrated with patient record systems. CheckWare is reliable, scalable and proven and is already used at over 250 health organisations.

Using digital technologies CheckWare can, where appropriate, empower the patient to 'self-report'– so patients and/or relatives can complete assessments from home or at the hospital.

The data collected automatically gives the clinician immediate access to scored and aggregated reports showing status and progress over time. This allows clinicians to prioritise waiting lists or be automatically informed of any patient health changes or deteriorations.

Additionally, CheckWare can be used remotely by the clinician and/or the patient to automatically send feedback, set goals and be used as a patient diary.

CheckWare can use treatment roles - particularly applicable where the patient is a minor and where parents, teachers and clinicians complete assessments on behalf of, or in addition to the patient.

The assessment package for Children and Young people includes over 200 clinical assessments for mental health, eating disorders and addiction.

Some examples are:

  • CGAS
  • CORE Measurement Tools
  • EDE
  • GAD-7
  • GBOs
  • ODD-P
  • PHQ-A
  • SDQ
  • SCORE-15

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